Surviving online vs thriving online

Social media is a digital town square, with millions of conversations taking place every second.  And conversations are powerful.  They can inspire radical change, help shift someone’s way of thinking and prompt someone to take action.

At Culture we want to help brands be part of these conversations, not be an awkward bystander waving their digital placard.  We help brands not only join the conversation, but shape their direction or even spark new discussion around the topic of their choice.  And not just for the sake of it, but to deliver business results.

We’re spending longer than ever on social platforms & online in general with 72% of global media time spent with digital.  It’s still somewhat in its infancy (compared to the likes of more traditional channels) and is evolving literally on a daily basis.  It’s a living ecosystem, and agencies that navigate it on behalf of brands seemingly fall into one of 2 camps – spray & pray; amplifying a message to whoever will listen.  Or producing fluffy organic content that reaches no-one. At Culture, we deliver a more robust approach. 

Sure, every brand has an online presence, you can’t afford not to.  But there’s a difference between merely surviving online and thriving online.  

With recent research coming out of Meta showing that ineffective activation on social could impact your effectiveness by 139% we sought to establish our principles of social media efficacy.  

It’s easy to reduce social interactions to number of shares, click through rates and likes.  But it’s the most human medium we have.  People use it to connect with others, at its heart it can help us foster a sense of belonging.  And so it’s crucial we help brands turn up in a relevant way.  

Our holistic approach is backed up by the likes of the IPA, Kantar, Oxford University and Meta and fuses together the head and heart of brands; 

  • Connecting to audiences in a human way through popular culture – the social currency of choice.  
  • Underpinned by business objective alignment and scaling reach.  

Culture’s 4 key principles: 

  1. Connect through culture
  2. Be human
  3. Be objective driven
  4. Scaled reach

Taking our brands from just surviving to thriving online.

Culture was recently awarded winning agency of the year across AU & NZ, judged on the basis of work, financial performance, team culture and client testimonials.

If you’d like to see how you can get your brand thriving online, we’d love to help.

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Written by Culture’s Strategist Emily Ostrowska


Global Web Index, time spent analysis, Q4 2021, Global, n = 225,000 

Meta internal data; Analysis of ~7,000 Meta brand lift studies conducted between Jan 2020 and Jun 2021 in EMEA, across all verticals. Deeper brand outcomes are association, motivation and consideration type metrics. 

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